Turnkey Financial Literacy Program:

The Training, Resources, & Support You Need to Build a Top-quality Financial Education Program

Individuals and organizations around the globe have mobilized to tackle the financial illiteracy epidemic; yet most of them still lack the financial education resources, support, and guidance they need to make a meaningful difference.

Until recently, if you wanted to make a real impact on the financial capabilities of your community’s citizens, you’ve faced significant barriers. Materials had to be created and tested, personnel needed to be located or trained, outreach and business models had to be constructed. Even when all the steps are completed successfully, many programs have problems with scaling, due to a high cost per impact and insufficient data documentation. We changed that situation.

Turnkey Financial Education Programming Details

6 Areas Included in the Turnkey Financial Literacy Programming Package

1) Financial Educator Training & Certification

Because teachers are the single most important influence on student success, having competent instructors to lead the program is the most important aspect of financial education.

Individuals who complete the NFEC’s financial educator training take their place among the most highly-qualified financial educators in the country. Earning the Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) designation proves that you meet top national standards and possess the skills and expertise to help others work toward their personal finance goals.

This program is for those individuals who want to gain the skills they need to be effective financial educators, make a real difference in the lives of their participants, and build their credibility with respected credentials.

NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructors complete coursework and practice consisting of 30 to 40 hours of training (4 Continuing Education Units – CEU). You may test out of parts of the training.

This course is completed via an online learning platform and you have two options to complete the training: 1) self-paced, or 2) 8-week instructor-paced. You can switch between options at any point.

The training consists of two main sections:

1) Content Knowledge. At the foundation of teaching financial literacy lies knowledge of personal finance topics (examples: credit, debt, budgeting, savings, etc.).

2) Education Techniques. Gaining knowledge of educational strategies and research-based learning principles is critical to connect with participants and encourage action.

Complete educational coursework and pass all activities with a score of 75% or higher and successfully complete practice cases.

You may take the test at the location of your choice. The exam is completed online and you will receive your results right after you finish the test. You may retake the exam if you do not pass.

2) Program Design & Development Resources

Designing a cohesive financial education program that benefits participants and leaves them with a positive learning experience requires careful planning of all programming details.

The NFEC supports your program design needs to ensure that your participants receive a meaningful learning experience. Having developed thousands of financial education campaigns, we are capable to provide the resources and expertise to make your program successful. What we offer includes:

Programming Customization Resources

Program Customization Resources

Easily customize the program to your unique audience.

Design Training

Design Training

Learn the step-by-step process to organize your financial literacy program.

Program Templates & Checklist

Program Templates & Checklist

Become well-prepared for your program with these support tools.

3) Presentations, Curriculum, Online Learning

Empower the people you serve with financial literacy education resources that provide high-quality content and practical lessons that focus learners on applying the lessons to real-life situations.

NFEC financial education resources are grounded in research-based educational methodologies and real-world application. They not only focus on knowledge, but also address financial behaviors and establishment of systems to encourage long-term benefit for the learners. Resources are available for all ages and include:

  • Presentation, Curriculum, & Lesson Plans Includes instructor guide, student guide licenses, & PowerPoint presentation.
  • Online Learning Center Student licenses & eLearning management system to monitor student progress.
  • Continuing Education Resources Post-event education tools to provide ongoing support to students.

4) Learner Experience Resources: Before, During & After

From start to finish, the impressions a financial education program makes influence how your program is received and its overall results. From initial communication through continuing contact through ongoing education – using high-quality resources at each touchpoint gives your program a well-polished feel.

A smooth pre-programming experience ensures that learners gain confidence in your abilities from the moment of your first impression, and can help build interest. We provide comprehensive resources that can be deployed at various stages of the program, including:

Pre-program Resources

Marketing materials, registration forms, invitations, pre-assessments.

During Program Resources

During Program Resources

Customizable signage, educational handouts, anticipatory education tools.

Post-program Resources

Post-program Resources

Audience recognition, systemization, ongoing education, report templates.

5) Measurement & Reporting

Proving the program’s impact should be the primary goal for anyone in the financial education industry. Demonstrating results highlights your competencies as a top-quality provider of financial education programming and opens up future opportunities.

Highlight your abilities as a qualified financial educator with the measurements, data gathering systems, and report templates provided by the NFEC. These resources help you clearly demonstrate your program results with reports that showcase your initiative’s success and your expertise. Resources include:

  • Measurement Tools & Systems Assess content knowledge, behaviors, sentiment, financial situation, and outcomes.
  • Report Templates & Training Learn how to prove your program’s impact and display your results professionally.

Measurement & Reporting

6) Funding & Business Resources

Building a program that can benefit people for many years in the future requires having a clear business model, successful program results, and management systems to organize the many moving parts. Programs best positioned to achieve success have proven results, built a top-quality image, and put their business matters in order.

Receive the plans and resources that help you fund and scale a financial wellness program in your community. Our program provides the materials, training, and resources to highlight your image as a financial education professional – putting you in better position to fund and scale your program. Resources include:

  • Funding Training & Resources Sponsorship forms, grant copy, client acquisition funnels, pricing details.
  • Marketing & Promotion Resources Gain access to a library of marketing pieces that can be easily customized.
  • Advocacy Campaigns Join existing advocacy campaigns to promote financial wellness & highlight your leadership.
  • NFEC Sponsorship Funding Receive NFEC sponsorship funding for submitting case study results.

Funding & Business Resources

About the NFEC & Who We Serve

No matter the size or scope, the NFEC supports your efforts with scalable financial education programming. From single workshops to large ongoing initiatives – we provide support to any organization that desires high-quality financial education programs. We help individuals and organizations reduce the cost and time needed to develop programming while providing the tools and training that increase program impact.

The NFEC is an IRS-recognized public Benefits Corporation that has supported the development of 2,500+ programs over the last decade, built over 80 financial literacy assets, and led the development of national financial education standards; and our materials have served more than an estimated 1 million people across 50 countries, making us a recognized thought leader in the space.

Turnkey Financial Education Package, Pricing, & Purchasing Options

By now you understand it takes more than just someone reading curriculum to lead successful financial literacy programs. We empower you with the systems, resources, and expertise that optimize financial education program development and reduce barriers to entry – lowering the cost per impact and increasing the ability for programs to scale.

*3 Age Groups: Kids (PK-8th Grade), High School & College, and Adult Learners.


  • Who This Package is Best Suited for – Click Here
  • 1 Instructor Training & CFEI Certification
  • Presentations & Curriculum Resources with 200 Student Licenses
  • 200 Curriculum Student Licenses
  • Personal Online Learning Center Access
  • Online Learning Management System NOT Included
  • Basic Learner Experience Resources
  • Full Measurement & Reporting Resources
  • Basic Business & Funding Resources
  • Annual Renewal $197
  • Growth

    • Who This Package is Best Suited for – Click Here
    • 1 Instructor Training & CFEI Certification
    • Presentations & Curriculum Resources with 200 Student Licenses
    • 200 Curriculum Student Licenses
    • Online Learning Center with
      200 Student Licenses
    • Online Learning Management System NOT Included
    • Basic Learner Experience Resources
    • Full Measurement & Reporting Resources
    • Basic Business & Funding Resources
  • Annual Renewal $395
  • Advanced

    • Who This Package is Best Suited for – Click Here
    • 3 Instructor Training & CFEI Certification
    • Presentations & Curriculum Resources with 500 Student Licenses
    • 500 Curriculum Student Licenses
    • Online Learning Center with
      500 Student Licenses
    • Online Learning Management System Included
    • Full Learner Experience Resources
    • Full Measurement & Reporting Resources
    • Full Business & Funding Resources
  • Annual Renewal $595
  • Guarantee, Terms, & Renewal

    A 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee; Plus a 1-Year 100% Guarantee.

    You agree to the terms of the turnkey financial education program and, upon purchase, are bound by the agreement. Read the complete terms and conditions. Additional training and testing are required to maintain CFEI status. Starting year 2 (365 days after order), there is an annual investment due for renewal based on the package you select. Annual dues are required to be paid to maintain access to the resources and keep your Certification in good standing.

    Terms of the 1-year, 100% Guarantee: Those who purchase the complete financial educator training program receive the most comprehensive financial educator training program on the market available today. This statement is measured based on the following key traits: Highest Standards & Credibility, Education Quality & Practicality of Instruction, Scope of Curriculum & Resources. This claim is backed with a 1-year, 100% money back guarantee. Read Full 1-Year Guarantee terms.