Qualified Personal Finance Speakers Available Worldwide

This site provides opportunities to book Personal Finance Speakers for the full scope of financial education events, covering a variety of topics and serving audiences of any size and background. NFEC-certified Financial Education Instructors can be found in more than 40 countries around the world, and in every U.S. state. They have demonstrated capability to deliver training at all levels, from introductory to advanced; and a direct point of contact will be provided. The presentations are entirely educational – no products are ever sold or promoted.

Personal Finance Speakers Follow Proven Systems

Highly Qualified Educators

NFEC Certified & Approved

Peace of Mind

Systemized Speaker Processes, Live Updates

Quality Educational Materials

Aligned with Your Brand

Expert Consultation & Support

Direct Contact with Lead

The personal finance speakers who have been approved and certified through the NFEC’s rigorous training give you peace of mind that they meet the highest qualifications. These personal finance speakers also follow proven systems for speaking and event planning, giving you live updates at each important milestone. They are accompanied by top-quality educational resources that align with your branding. Direct contact with a lead counselor offers you ongoing expertise and consulting support.

Personal Finance Speakers Implement 4 Key Steps

The personal finance speaker will be prepared by the campaign director, your direct point of contact who is assigned to organize your entire campaign and ensure that your stated goals are met. Directors manage all communications with the financial education professionals, promotions, and beneficiary support for your program, along with any other campaign aspects you would like us to undertake.

Decisive Personal Finance Speakers Expertise

Qualities of Skilled vs Free Personal Finance Speakers Defined by National Framework

The NFEC teamed with the Danielson Group to create the first and only national standards defining the qualities of highly-skilled personal finance speakers. All speakers certified by the NFEC are required to meet these rigorous standards, which define optimal educator capabilities and set stringent performance criteria for evaluating financial educators.

Design of Free Personal Finance Speakers Extensions

Case Study – ASU (Arizona State University) & Mid First Bank

NFEC consultants locate financial education speakers whose skills and backgrounds align with the needs of a given organization. For example, MidFirst Bank sought to deploy a campus-wide peer financial literacy initiative and deploy free personal finance speakers across Arizona State University. Because the collaborators wanted peer leaders to deliver the program, the NFEC trained and certified ASU students to deliver the customized workshops.

The NFEC also tailored the materials needed to host and promote the financial education programming and branded all the resources with the custom MidFirst Bank/ASU brand. Student peer leaders were trained using a custom curriculum package including a series of four 90-minute workshops. These workshops included special video segments featuring celebrity and student speakers, designed to keep participants engaged and keep presenter training time to a minimum.

The peer leader format presented unique challenges because the student leaders felt they might lack credibility in the eyes of their fellow students. The NFEC met this challenge by having peer leaders undergo additional practice to ensure that they could deliver financial education materials confidently and that they knew the pedagogy and content front-to-back.

The ASU initiative, now in its fifth year, has enjoyed great success at empowering students with practical financial education.

The NFEC and concerned citizens across the country have banded together to offer financial education programming to your community. This network of personal finance speakers, educators, and advocates provide presentations to schools, businesses, and organizations to improve the financial capabilities of the people you serve.

The National Financial Capability Strategy calls for community outreach efforts focused on improving the financial abilities of our nation’s citizens. To address this need, the NFEC’s team of personal finance speakers offers a variety of presentations for all ages, including after-school programs, lunch-and-learns, in-class training, and workshops of various lengths and learning outcomes.

Although the members of the Personal Finance Speakers Association come from a variety of backgrounds – educators, financial professionals, and concerned citizens – they all share a passion for teaching personal finance and have graduated the NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework. Presenters possess the knowledge and credibility to effectively deliver the workshops and are skilled at creating a memorable participant experience. Their core mission is to provide 100% independent financial education – no products or services are ever promoted or sold.

In addition to having highly-qualified presenters, education-grade curriculum is used. NFEC presentations are engaging, fun, and meet education standards while being practical in nature. The financial literacy curriculum delivers measurable improvement in the financial capabilities of participants while providing detailed steps that encourage them to take positive financial action.

Personal Finance Speakers Association Benefits

The NFEC does more than just provide you a speaker. We are committed to your event’s success, so you receive these added benefits

Expert Support. The NFEC has produced and designed events ranging from statewide campaigns and thousand-person events to community workshops. When you book our speakers, you also receive our support to ensure that your event is successful.

Clear Communication. You receive a speaker’s package covering the details that will help you rest assured: travel confirmation, emergency numbers, presentation outline, timely updates, and other important information.

Added Security. Sleep easy the night before the event. You receive two direct points of contact and a backup presenter is scheduled to anticipate any unforeseen circumstance.

Highly Trained. All presenters have graduated the NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor training program and our keynote speakers have publicly demonstrated their expertise.

Marketing & Promotions. The NFEC provides custom marketing pieces and press releases for your organization’s use.

Event Material. The NFEC provides material to support your event. From event check-off lists to surveys and testing, we provide all the material to ensure your event’s success.

Option: Full-service Event Production. Leave it to the NFEC production team to handle all aspects of your event. From speakers to production and promotions, the event will be custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Article: Personal Finance Speakers Impact

Financial illiteracy currently exists at epidemic levels around the U.S. and the world, causing a variety of problems including foreclosures, devastating debt loads—even homelessness. Now the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) is battling against this epidemic. This social enterprise organization has built a group of personal finance speakers qualified to build the financial competencies of any audience, from all walks of life.

Community groups and concerned citizens with a passion for improving the lives of others may book finance speakers to present at their next event. The NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association (PFSA) has been created with two major objectives in mind: 1) to support organizations that seek finance speakers; and 2) to promote financial literacy advocates and presenters to increase their exposure. The PFSA is the first U.S. speakers’ bureau that focuses entirely on personal finance topics.

Members of the PFSA have received their certification for teaching personal finance by taking the NFEC’s certified financial education instructor training or have a robust portfolio of speaking engagements, media exposure and testimonials. The NFEC training prepares speakers to deliver effective, engaging presentations, whether they are booked for a one-hour workshop or a keynote address. The PFSA comprises speakers at four levels of expertise.

Raising the financial competencies of individuals is an important step toward addressing global financial illiteracy. The NFEC provides personal finance speakers with the training and passion to become effective advocates and entertaining presenters. Thus they work toward fulfilling their mission of creating a world where everyone has the capabilities to make qualified financial decisions.

The Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) course provided by the NFEC equips individuals with handy financial skills that enable them to teach financial management successfully. Program graduates are prepared and capable to conduct financial literacy sessions and achieve the desired objectives. Due to the rigorous training they receive, NFEC certified personal finance speakers offer a vast number of potential benefits.

NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructors actively teaching financial literacy programs learn how to motivate people to listen and take the right financial steps to achieve their desired lifestyle goals. Participants who undergo the NFEC training make commitments to take action towards safeguarding their financial futures.

First trainees undergo financial psychology training. They are taught active listening skills to help clients identify the emotional background affecting their financial decisions. The speakers are trained to adjust their presentation content to suit individual participant needs.

NFEC certified speakers emphasize movement toward action. Their success is based on the level of behavioral change regarding financial decisions the audience experiences in their lives after completing the course. Successful instructors are keen to motivate participants to take bold steps toward ensuring their financial futures.Next, the personal finance curriculum delves deeply into personal financial knowledge. Various financial topics are covered, including account setup, financial goal-setting, long-term planning, savings, budgeting, income, entrepreneurship, insurance, risk management, investing, skills development, credit, and insurance. At the beginning of the course, trainees have widely varying financial capabilities. But upon graduation they all possess the necessary skills and confidence to teach financial management effectively.

An NFEC finance speaker knows how to engage an audience. The NFEC program teaches a variety of engagement techniques for conducting lively, interesting presentations. Many engagement activities are integrated into the curriculum. So if a speaker follows the lesson plans appropriately, future audiences will certainly be engaged and active during that speaker’s presentations.

The NFEC’s unique curriculum provides practical, real-world knowledge readily applicable to today’s market. The curriculum was designed by a team of experts in financial circles—experts with vast field experience. The curriculum also meets requirements for core educational standards. Trainees who complete the teaching money management professional development coursework acquire the skills to teach authentic, believable material that can be adjusted to suit the financial positions of the participants. They are not just taught a dry, fixed, and impractical curriculum. Rather, they learn how to evaluate and adjust the materials to suit specific situations.

NFEC also offers educational measurements with our paid and free personal finance speakers. Graduates possess the skills they need to assess and quantify improvement in the participants’ financial capabilities. Thus NFEC certified speakers can equip audiences with the necessary tools to measure their performance toward financial goals and objectives.

The knowledge and experience of the participants is also factored into the NFEC training. Speakers are taught how to deliver content in ways that educate and inspire participants to take action towards their financial goals. Course graduates understand the educational framework and can deliver individualized sessions to meet specific needs.

The benefits of paid and free personal finance speakers provided by the NFEC are many. These speakers know how to capture the needs of the audience and deliver suitable material to educate and motivate participants to take action. These instructors have sufficient confidence to conduct financial management training effectively and successfully.