Book a Speaker or Program Director

Whether you just need a speaker for a day or want to outsource your full financial education programming, the NFEC has qualified personnel to help you. Whether you’re looking for a speaker or a program director, all our staff are committed to making sure the program meets your goals and delivers true value to the participants.

All our speakers and program directors have been Certified through the NFEC’s rigorous training, giving you peace of mind that they meet the highest qualifications. These experts follow our proven systems for ensuring the success of your financial wellness program.

NFEC Speakers & Program Directors

Book NFEC-certified Financial Education Instructors (CFEIs) to Present

For those who just need speaking services – the NFEC has speakers in every state to serve you. All our speakers have earned their Certified Financial Education Instructor Credentials (CFEI) and demonstrated their competencies as highly-qualified financial educators. Their role can range from making presentations and leading workshops to delivering keynote addresses.

Book NFEC-certified Program Directors to Lead Your Financial Wellness Program

If you are looking for full program management – Program Directors offer all the services required to design and deploy your campaign. They can handle every facet of your program from design, promotions, and running the event to measuring impact and producing reports. All our program directors have access to the NFEC’s full library of resources and have passed all testing requirements through our organization.

Resources & Services to Support Your Financial Wellness Program

Whether you’re booking an NFEC-certified Educator or Program Director, rest assured that the person has access to leading financial education products and services. The process developed by the NFEC at each of these touchpoints creates a positive learner experience and gives your event a well-polished feel.

We supply and support you with all the resources you need at each program touchpoint. These resources include:

  • Program Design & Development
  • Personnel (Speakers & Directors)
  • Financial Education Resources
  • Client Experience Materials
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Program Growth & Funding Model