Financial Literacy Initiative Overview

The NFEC team is made up of passionate advocates who find ways to effectively promote financial wellness. Our financial literacy initiative and advocacy campaigns successfully raise mainstream awareness, recognize financial education advocates, and promote financial education.

Together we can work toward increasing access to quality financial literacy education that makes a meaningful difference in a person’s life. We commend you for your desire to become involved in financial literacy education and invite you to become an active participant to further our shared cause. Thanks to the efforts of supporters like you, we will positively affect the lives of the people we reach with this message.

Our Advocacy Efforts Focus on 6 Core Campaigns

Financial Educator Recognition & Awards

The NFEC contends that it is the educators and people who lead programs in communities across the country that are the true champions. To help encourage and support them, we have built out campaigns that recognize individuals who are successfully providing financial literacy programming. The NFEC has two signature financial education recognition campaigns:

financial literacy initiative for financial educators

View Celebrity and Influencer Participants

celebrity financial literacy initiative

Holiday Promotions Initiatives

The NFEC leverages the media generated around the holiday seasons to tie in financial literacy messages. This media coverage provides timely reminders to individuals about positive money management habits around various major holidays.

holiday financial education intiatives

Testing & Surveys Data Promotions

The NFEC’s financial literacy test and results have garnered millions of impressions. The results have been featured in Huffington Post, The Hill, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, MarketWatch, Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post, USA Today, and many other major media outlets.

financial literacy test initiative

Financial Literacy Initiative Targeting Schools

The NFEC is committed to long-term policy adoption mandating financial education lessons in schools and proactively addressing the student loan epidemic. We developed the F.L.E.C. campaign and student load debt initiative to address these issues!

Parent Promotion Campaigns

The NFEC has developed and deployed awareness campaigns designed to encourage parents to teach their kids about money. The goal is to help parents raise financially literate youth who are self-sufficient, contributing members of society.