Education Resources: Presentations, Curriculum, & Online Learning

The NFEC offers comprehensive financial literacy education resources that reach participants at multiple touchpoints to enhance learning and support positive behavior molding. The resources have been widely recognized for their ability to connect with students and inspire participants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial action.

The material has been tested by tens of thousands of organizations and gone through several iterations with a development team of hundreds of experts to create state-of-the-art financial education resources that make a lasting difference in participants’ financial capabilities.

Financial Education Resources Need to Address More than “Literacy” to Make an Impact. NFEC Materials Create a Measurable Difference Across 5 Core Areas:

Alignment of Financial Education Jobs Choices

The NFEC Offers a Wide Variety of Resources at Key Touchpoints

Our financial education library includes presentations, curriculum, online learning, pre-education, and ongoing education resources. You can leverage these learning resources to connect with learners at various touchpoints. This comprehensive package allows you to diversify your class and makes it easy to conduct blended or flipped learning models.

Presentations, Curriculum, & Workshop Lesson Plans

Our resources include far more than just presentations. Participants participate in activities, skill development exercises, project-based learning, and more – all designed to help them lay the foundation to work toward greater financial security.

Includes: Instructor Guide, Student Guide, PowerPoint, & Support Resources.

Flexible: Select lessons and activities that align with your goals & time frame.

Integration: Aligned to work with all NFEC education resources.

*Also Available with our Turnkey Packages

Online Learning

Leveraging best practices in eLearning, the NFEC’s eVolve Personal Finance program offers educational-grade content and vivid design that encourages participants to take action toward building a sound financial foundation.

Includes: Student Access, Facilitator Management Backend, Need-based Education Paths.

Student Experience: Vivid Design, Engaging Lessons, Clear Instruction & Steps.

Course Facilitator: Detailed Reporting, Easy-to-use Backend, 1-click Enrollment.

*Also Available with our Turnkey Packages

Pre, Post, & Support Education

Providing education at each touchpoint – from initial communication through ongoing education – supports participants toward financial wellness. Post-education is an especially critical piece that can help remind participants to stay on track to reach their goals.

Pre-programming Education: Build Learner Interest and Provide Bite-sized Tips Before Instruction.

Support Education: Educational Handouts & Visual Education Pieces Enhance Learning.

Post-programming Education: Ongoing Training, Timely Life Stage Education, & Financial Calendar.

Custom Branding Options: All NFEC Resources can be Custom Branded

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Why Use NFEC Resources

  • Learners Take Action on their Finances
  • Practical and Usable Information
  • Research-based Education Methods
  • 100% Independent & Educational
  • Modular to Accommodate Your Audience
  • Top Materials Backed by a 1-year Guarantee