NFEC Depository of Diverse Financial Education Resources Meet Highest Standards

You may be able to find free financial education resources on a number of sites, for example, this list from the USGS. However, they are unlikely to be as comprehensive as the diverse set of assets published by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC). The NFEC has developed curriculum, promotional and marketing materials, event development and hosting information, activities, workshops, and training programs. All of these stellar financial literacy resources are grounded in research-based principles for best practices in financial education.

The NFEC’s Financial Education Resources have demonstrated alignment with national standards and can be tailored to meet the needs of any target audience, from PK-12 through mature adults and from all sociodemographic strata.

Free Financial Education Resources are Research-based, Adaptable

All the NFEC’s financial education resources were created with the guidance of educational principles defined by cutting-edge research. They align with an intentional program design to scaffold learner progress toward outcomes that are quantifiable in terms of knowledge, abilities, beliefs, and habits; and are adaptable to accommodate unique learner needs and styles.

The financial literacy materials and curricula are structured to flow from warm-up activities that activate learners’ prior knowledge, engage them, and motivate them to learn; through interactive lessons that facilitate different learning styles; to targeted measures that allow fluid evaluation of what students have learned, and what areas need more attention.

These dynamic assessments allow adaptation of the materials to meet the individualized needs of the specific audience. For example, pre-course surveys illuminate what participants hope to get out of the coursework. Post-learning evaluations help indicate what learners achieved and point up key topics for ongoing education.

Common Items for Financial Education Resources Measurements

These Financial Education Resources Employ Multiple Delivery Techniques

From start to finish, the NFEC’s free financial education resources maximize results by taking a multimethod approach to lesson delivery. It starts with pre-programming, where creating a smooth experience helps ensure that learners gain confidence in your abilities and generates interest from the very first impression. Adding multimethod program touchpoints during the financial capability curriculum program increases the level of knowledge students retain, and the post-programming phase offers an excellent opportunity to extend the impact.

From pre-program through post-program follow-up, NFEC money management resources cover the full scope of financial education program needs:

  • Pre-program. Marketing, registration, pre-assessment, and surveys.
  • During Program. Customizable signage, handouts, anticipatory education tools.
  • Post-program Resources. Audience recognition, systemization, ongoing education, and follow-up reports.

Appropriate Use of Financial Education Resources Assets

Featured by The Federal Reserve

The NFEC’s state-of-the-art multimethod approach to financial education has been featured by the Federal Reserve.

Structure Financial Education Resources Benefits

Financial Capability Resources

Professionals in the financial industry often approach companies or community groups with offers to give free workshops to employees and members. When the company agrees, these professionals then use the opportunity to plug or promote their services and products. Unlike such industry representatives, the National Financial Educators Council is entirely independent. So when the NFEC provides free financial education resources in a workshop or presentation format, they will never sell or promote products or services.

The NFEC is the premier provider of financial literacy resources in the U.S. and around the world. They are a social enterprise organization with a desire to help people learn the money skills that will help them avoid making costly, stressful financial mistakes. Many of their educational resources are available complimentary. Yet due to their independent status, they do not distract audiences by trying to sell them unwanted financial products.

Any corporation or community group looking for money management resources to share with their workforce or membership would benefit from contacting the NFEC. When people learn effective ways to improve their financial situations, they get relief from the stress of handling money problems. They become more productive at work and better able to give back to their communities. The NFEC is a key provider of these financial education resources and programs that can help people deal with any money difficulties they’re facing.

It’s also been proven that when people learn important money skills at an early age, those skills will give them many advantages as they mature. The NFEC provides financial education for kids of any age, from preschool through college. Their curriculum, materials, and other financial education resources can be taught in a variety of formats to meet different scheduling needs. Schools, nonprofit organizations, and anyone else with an interest in promoting financial literacy in their communities can learn more at