More Than Just Training, a Complete Financial Coaching Program

To help you reach more people with high-quality financial coaching services, we have built a fully-integrated financial coaching program to help you effectively build your coaching practice and serve your clients in the best possible manner.

There is more to financial coaching than just having knowledge about personal finance topics; it takes a variety of skill sets, systems, clear planning, and resources to lead a highly-respected coaching practice.

turnkey financial coaching program resources

Financial Coach Training & Certification

Individuals who graduate from the NFEC’s rigorous financial coaching program certification take their place among the most highly-qualified financial coaches in the country. Earning the Certified Personal Finance Consultant designation proves that you meet top national standards and possess the skills and expertise to help others work toward their personal finance goals.

This program is for those individuals who want to gain the skills they need to be effective financial coaches and build their credibility with respected credentials.

This training offered through the NFEC allows participants to develop and build upon the skill sets necessary to become effective coaches and counselors, thereby increasing their impact on positive client outcomes.

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Certification FAQs

NFEC Certified Personal Finance Consultants complete coursework and practice consisting of 180 hours of training and implementation. (18 Continuing Education Units – CEU)

Complete implementation & performance evaluation that document work with others in the training program or third parties.

To earn NFEC Financial Coach credentials all graduates must pass a multijurisdictional criminal background check.

There are no past educational or experience requirements. Just passing the NFEC Financial Coach coursework is required.

Complete educational coursework and pass all activities with a score of 80% or higher and successfully complete practice cases.

You may take the test at the location of your choice; however, the tests are moderated online. There is a $127 fee each time you take the exam.

Financial Coaching Software & System

Most financial coaches only talk with clients. NFEC coaches do far more – they give each client a detailed personal financial plan that both outlines where the client is now and tracks progress.

These reports is an important part of the financial coaching program because it give your clients a way to view their current status and track their progress. Reporting includes our 31 measures of financial wellness plus gives you the freedom to modify your own diagnosis. Includes full scripting, problem diagnosis, & full integration with NFEC educational resources.

Financial coaching software includes:

  • Client Report Management Center
  • Report Data Input Interface
  • Interview Scripting
  • Diagnosis Guide
  • Report Generator

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Client Education Resources

As a financial coach, your primary duties are first to understand clients’ situations and goals, then help them prioritize action steps and educate them on how to work best toward their personal financial plans. To do this effectively, you need top-quality educational resources built especially for financial coaching.

Because every person has different financial habits, emotional connections with money, and current financial realities, we as financial coaches need to consider more than just content knowledge when developing their program. High-quality financial literacy curriculum also must focus on their behaviors, establishment of systems, and sentiments; and help them work toward positive outcomes.

The NFEC financial literacy lesson plans also include project-based learning lessons that perfectly align with the reporting software. This integration makes it easy for you to guide your client down a customized educational path.

Our resources include: Live Presentation Curriculum, eLearning, Continuing Education, Mobile Learning, Social Education Campaign. All can be branded to your organization.

Learn more about the financial coaching education resources – click here.

Client Experience Resources: Scripts, Communications, Processes

A financial coaching program that creates a positive client experience can make your program stand out. Right after someone orders your program, your focus turns to ensuring that they have a smooth experience and feel supported at every step. The goal is to create an onboarding experience, showcase our professionalism during actual coaching, and continue to support participants indefinitely through thoughtful ongoing communication.

Most financial coaches do not think through what they will do during the gaps – the time in between the actual coaching practice sessions. By thinking through all communications in advance and designing touchpoints where clients feel supported, you position yourself as a top-quality provider of financial coaching and help your clients gain trust in your abilities and competencies as a professional financial coach.

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Business Training & Resources

Creating a financial coaching practice that can scale and continue to help people for years to come is a cornerstone of any financial coaching initiative. Having clear revenue and funding strategies that support continued expansion is essential for you to grow your programming.

There is a clear path to increasing funding opportunities for your program, no matter your business model (entrepreneurial, nonprofit, corporate, academia, faith-based, etc.). Although each type of organization has unique funding opportunities, the core elements are similar: build a quality program, promote, have a way to convert and systems to best support clients.

Learn more about the financial coaching business resources – click here.

Business Resources included in the Coaching Program

The Financial Coaching Program Includes All of These Resources

Financial Coaching Program Products Included

Training & Certification

Financial Coach Training
Includes All Training Resources:

  • Full Learning Center Access
  • Optional Live Weekly Calls
  • Over 100 Training Videos
  • All Course Manuals & Workbooks
  • 180 Total Hours of Training Materials

  • Certification, Testing, & Background Check
  • Physical Certification Award
  • Webpage Highlighting Your Certification
  • Access to All Graduate Resources
  • Logo
  • CE Award Letter

Coaching Resources

Financial Coaching Software

  • Personal Financial Report Generator
  • Easy-To-Use Software Interface
  • Client Report Management System
  • Complete Interview Scripting
  • Root Cause Diagnosis System

Client Education Resources
Access the most comprehensive educational library designed for financial coaches:

  • eLearning Center
  • Printable Guides and Handouts
  • Presentation Resources
  • Emailable PDF Client Guides

Processes & Communications

Process Resources & Training
Includes process outlines and resources to:

  • Onboard A Client
  • Assigning Education Lessons
  • Help Them Work Through All Stages of The Coaching Program

Communication Resources

  • All the Communications We Use With Clients
  • Over 100 Prewritten Emails
  • Complete Meeting Scripting
  • Client Financial Action Guide
  • Goal-Setting Planner
  • Other Communications

Business Resources

Product, Pricing, & Funding Models
All graduates receive:

  • Coaching Business Plans
  • Client Coaching Package Offerings
  • Pricing Models
  • Alternative Revenue Strategies Guide
  • Business Aspects Training

Marketing, Financial Education Package, & NFEC-provided Leads.
All graduates receive:

  • Marketing & Promotions Package
  • Financial Education System for Lead Development
  • Coaching Client Acquisition Materials

Bonus: Full Coaching Website Customized with Your Information

Select the full financial coaching program (Certification, Coaching Resources, Client Communications & Business Resource Package) to receive a custom website when you graduate– complimentary. This is more than just a website – it gathers leads, helps to manage clients, and can process payments. Details:

  • 20+ Page Website that Highlights Your Professionalism
  • Systems to Gather Emails & Automate Delivery
  • Branded & Customized to Your Coaching Practice
  • Includes Client Communication System & Appointment Calendar
  • Embed Your Merchant Account so Clients Can Pay by Credit Card

Package Options & Pricing

By now you understand that we provide you with a complete turnkey solution to your financial coaching needs. You will have access to the systems, resources, and expertise you need to build a respected coaching program and better help people who need your services. Choose from these options:

Training &
Certification Only

  • Annual Renewal $295
  • Training & Certification with Client Service Package

    • Who is this Package Best Suited for – Click Here
    • Complete Training Course & Materials
    • Optional Weekly Live Training Calls
    • Meeting with Program Counselor
    • Testing & Background Check (Additional $127 due before final exam)
    • Client Software & Reporting
    • Client Communication Resources
    • Client Education Resources
    • Financial Education Package
    • .
    • .
  • Annual Renewal $590
  • Training & Certification, Client Service Package & Business Package

    • Who is this Package Best Suited for – Click Here
    • Complete Training Course & Materials
    • Optional Weekly Live Training Calls
    • Meeting with Program Counselor
    • Testing & Background Check (Additional $127 due before final exam)
    • Client Software & Reporting
    • Client Communication Resources
    • Client Education Resources
    • Financial Education Package
    • Business, Revenue, & Funding Resources
    • Marketing & Promotional Resources
    • Graduate Bonus: Customized Website
  • Annual Renewal $590
  • Or Customize Your Coaching Training Package

    Guarantee, Terms & Renewal

    A 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee; Plus a 1-Year 100% Guarantee.

    You agree to the terms of the financial coaching program and upon purchase our bound by the agreement. Read the complete terms and conditions.  Annual training and testing are required to maintain NFEC Financial Coach status. Starting year 2 (365 days after order), your annual investment is $295 for the Certification and includes all the training, tools.  Additional resources are $295 annually starting year 2. Testing and background check is $127 one time investment.  Bonus coaching website terms.

    Terms of the 1-year, 100% Guarantee: Those purchasing the complete financial coaching program receive the most comprehensive financial coaching program on the market available today. This statement is measured based on the following key traits: Highest Standards & Credibility, Education Quality & Practicality of Instruction, Scope of Client Resources. This is backed with a 1 year, 100% money back guarantee. Read Full 1-Year Guarantee terms.