Are you looking to make a meaningful contribution to the financial literacy movement and align your brand with the communities improved financial wellness?

Community Financial Literacy Participation Opportunity: Early Notification, Launching in January 2021

Before recent innovations, sponsoring a comprehensive financial education campaign was reserved for large corporations. Sure, individuals and community businesses could sponsor programs that have limited reach and a high cost per impact; but questioned if that was the best use of their funding.

Now, organizations of all sizes can help their community’s citizens improve their financial wellness and participate in a campaign that makes a measurable difference in their financial capabilities. Currently available in test markets, the NFEC will roll out the Community Campaign nationally starting January 2018.

Join the interest list for priority invitations. Priority will be given to current clients and partners, then in order by the date of joining the interest list on this page.

Partner Qualifiers & Exclusivity

Because the Community Campaign provides Category Exclusivity in select geographic areas, we select partners that are committed to addressing the financial illiteracy epidemic and possess a strong desire to align their brands with this powerful social cause. They integrate financial education into their business models, personal mission and are advocates of the financial literacy movement.

Those that possess any of the qualities listed to the right are invited to join the interest list.

Although most of the program management is outsourced to the NFEC, we seek partners that are excited to be active participants. They participate in speaking engagements, communicate with campaign members, participate in various promotions, and actively work toward solutions.

Join The Interest List: You Will be Notified Before January 2021 with Details