Book a Certified Personal Finance Consultant (Coach): Individual or Organization Financial Counseling

Seeking a financial coach or counselor? The NFEC will connect you with one of our Certified Personal Financial Consultant graduates who have been stringently qualified to help you reach your unique financial objectives.

Every coach in this network meets the industry’s toughest standards, and you can trust that your coach has a passion for helping people move down the path toward financial wellness and security.

NFEC financial coaches have the primary goal of providing education and guidance to people who seek to improve their financial profiles. Your success takes top priority on these coaches’ agendas. They will help you work toward financial health by providing personalized training, education, and support.

Certified Personal Finance Consultant – Financial Coaching Professionals

Individuals & Couples: Book an NFEC-certified Personal Finance Consultant

Book your complimentary 30-minute financial consultation. This call is dedicated 100% to helping and supporting you. Certified Personal Finance Consultant coaches are committed to helping you strengthen your finances by addressing any challenges you face and getting you on track toward your long-term financial goals.

Organizations & Teams: Book an NFEC-certified Personal Finance Consultant

Personal finance issues can increase your team’s stress levels, affect their productivity, and detract from the overall workplace atmosphere. Proactively addressing employees’ financial concerns can improve their sense of well-being and transform your work environment. Giving your staff or team access to the services of financial coaching professionals can help them feel supported as they work to resolve financial challenges and achieve greater financial strength.

Financial Coach Criteria and Qualifications

Anyone can put up a sign designating him or herself as a financial coach. NFEC coaches have proven that they meet the educational, experiential, and background criteria which ensure your security. The Certified Personal Finance Consultant designation indicates that the coach has a fiduciary commitment to your success and is obligated to act in your best interests.

Earning this designation means a coach has completed hundreds of hours of education; undergone comprehensive background checks; and passed a difficult examination. But that’s not all: Certified Personal Finance Consultants also must pass performance and implementation evaluations by conducting supervised coaching practice, then recording and documenting the outcomes of these coaching endeavors.

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